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We started Workhappy with two goals; to make the workplace a better place, and to make an honest living from honest work.

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We’re customer first because we were customers first

We had work-related pain, got a DSE assessment, and were disappointed to learn that the assessment we got, like most in the industry, was really just an excuse to try sell us an expensive chair that we didn't need. They weren't interested in solving our problems as much as they were in lining their pockets.

Under UK legislation all workers that work with screens (an increasing number) need a DSE assessment. But we saw an opportunity to go far beyond the bare minimum, providing care that's focused on comfort, productivity, and actually enjoying life rather than just ticking off a box on a compliance form. 

Doing better and making better

So we set out to make the industry more honest. To provide the best quality care that we could independent of everything else. To hire and train the best, most qualified assessors, that are focused entirely on employee wellbeing and nothing else. And we built them the best technology in the industry to make sure that we were always pushing to create an experience that felt like it was a part of, not apart from, the way that people really work.

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Our quest for a happier work has spread from the UK across the world.




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Our product is productivity

Happy workers work better. And it's self-evident that healthy ones do too. We go beyond compliance to make sure workers are having the best work experience that they can, in order to produce the best work they can. We're called Workhappy because we know that while happiness may not show up on the balance sheet, it always shows up in the work. Contact us to find out more information about the range of fully managed DSE services we offer, including In Person DSE Assessments, to Pregnant Worker DSE Assessments, to Homeworker DSE Assessments and Ergonomic Workstation Assessments.