Pregnant Worker Risk Assessment from UK's #1 DSE Experts

Workhappy help you support new and expectant mothers in the workplace.

As an employer, it’s your legal obligation to manage health and safety risks for new and expectant mothers. It’s also important that your team member feels supported and valued during and after their pregnancy.

But that doesn’t always happen. One in three women in the UK feel unsupported by their employer at some point while pregnant or returning to work. Many end up leaving their posts as a result.

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Fulfill all your responsibilities around maternity

With a Workhappy Pregnant Workers Risk Assessment, you can show the highest level of care and due diligence in providing support for pregnant employees.

We view pregnancy DSE assessments as an opportunity to care for and engage with employees. By showing that you value mothers beyond compliance, you create a competitive advantage in productivity, recruitment, employee wellbeing and retention.

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I was worried that I wouldn’t be properly supported at work during my pregnancy. Workhappy came in, looked into my needs, and made practical suggestions to my employers. As a result, I felt comfortable and looked after while I was pregnant and when I returned from my maternity leave.

Molly Hall
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How a Pregnant Worker Risk Assessment works

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Step 1

Get in touch with us via our contact us form. Please give us the details of the team member you want us to carry out the DSE assessment for, and let us know how soon you need it.

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Step 2

One of our experts will assess your employee’s workplace set-up, based on current DSE regulations and guidelines. This can be an in-person DSE assessment anywhere in the UK, or virtual. We can also assess pregnant employees who are working from home with a virtual DSE assessment.

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Step 3

During the assessment, our representative will talk to your employee and listen to any concerns they have. They’ll then provide them with specific advice and training on how they can reduce risk and work more comfortably.

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Step 4

Our assessor will swiftly send you a detailed report. It will outline any steps you need to take to make sure your employee is safe and comfortable during or after their pregnancy. You’ll also get all the actionable advice you need to be fully compliant with your legal obligations.

Stay compliant and give new and expectant mothers the support they deserve

Fill out the contact us form below to request an assessment or to get more information. Looking for advice on how to keep safe at work during your pregnancy? Take a look at our advice hub.

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