Workstation & DSE Assessments

DSE assessments make it easy to improve the comfort and safety of your desk-based workers. Help your employees to work happy, and you’ll see positive results throughout the workplace. Learn more about what DSE assessments are, your DSE obligations, and the different types of assessments we offer at Workhappy.

What are DSE assessments?

Working with display screen equipment (DSE), like monitors, laptops, and smartphones, comes with risks. From eye strain and back pain to Repetitive Strain Injury and stress, office workers can suffer from both short and long-term work-related issues, causing them to take more sick days.

DSE (or workstation) assessments reduce the health risks and improve the mental health of employees working with screens. With expert advice and practical suggestions, they lead to greater awareness of ergonomic best practices and real changes to workplace set-ups.

DSE assessments come in many forms but must be carried out by a qualified DSE assessor.

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UK DSE laws

UK Health and Safety laws mean that, as an employer, you have a legal obligation to protect your staff from the risks of working with display equipment. This includes providing them with regular DSE assessments to ensure they have the desk set-up they need to work safely and comfortably.

If your employees are working with DSE equipment for more than one hour each day — regardless of whether they are office, remote, or hybrid workers  — they need an annual DSE assessment.

When are DSE assessments needed?

DSE assessments help you stay on top of your workplace health and safety. You should always carry one out whenever onboarding a new employee. 

However, it’s also important to remember that your employees’ health and personal risks can change over time. To ensure they continue to work comfortably and safely, it’s important to organise annual DSE assessments for them. 

You should also provide a DSE assessment whenever a team member’s workstation changes or if your employee’s physical circumstances change. This includes becoming pregnant or experiencing an injury. It’s also your responsibility to arrange a workstation assessment if any employees inform you that they’re struggling with discomfort at their desk.

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Workhappy workstation assessments

At Workhappy, we recognise that different people have different workstation needs. We offer a range of DSE assessments to suit all teams.

Online DSE Self-Assessment

Our Online Self-Assessments are the easiest and quickest way for your organisation to get DSE compliant. They’re straightforward to use and simple to track. These fully online DSE assessments use our purpose-built technology so your employees can carry out a DSE assessment at a time that suits them. The ultimate hassle-free way to ensure the safety of your workforce, this is a great option for large companies, people with disabilities, and those with hybrid or remote workers.

Online Self-Assessments
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In-Person DSE Assessment

With our In-Person DSE Assessments, we’ll come to you, wherever you’re based in the UK. Our in-person DSE assessments are 1:1, in-depth workstation reviews. These are thorough assessments by our highly qualified DSE experts. They’re ideal if you have an at-risk employee or workers struggling with DSE aches and pains.

In-Person Assessments
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Pregnant Worker DSE Risk Assessment

We can help you support new and expectant mothers in your workplace with our Pregnant Worker DSE Risk Assessments. It’s your legal obligation to ensure they feel supported throughout their pregnancy. This doesn't always happen, and many mothers end up leaving their posts. A Pregnant Work DSE Risk Assessment shows you are dedicated to your team’s safety — whatever they are going through in life.

Pregnant Worker DSE Risk Assessment
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Virtual (Video) DSE Assessment

With our In-Person DSE Assessments, we’ll come to you, wherever you’re based in the UK. Our in-person DSE assessments are 1:1, in-depth workstation reviews. These are thorough assessments by our highly qualified DSE experts. They’re ideal if you have an at-risk employee or workers struggling with DSE aches and pains.

Virtual DSE Assessment
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Home worker DSE Assessment

Your home workers need DSE assessments too! Keep your team safe, comfortable, and happy while they work remotely with a Home Worker DSE Assessment. More staff are working from home than ever before, which makes it easy to forget about their workstation safety. Many home working set-ups are less than ideal — these online assessments are tailored to the risks and needs of remote and hybrid workers.

Home Worker DSE Assessment
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In-Person DSE Advanced Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

We can also provide more in-depth ergonomic assessments for employees requiring special attention. If you have workers with ongoing problems like backache, WRULD, or underlying health issues, a basic DSE assessment may not be sufficient. These advanced Ergonomic Workstation Assessments take 30-60 minutes and are carried out by a NEBOSH-qualified assessor.

Ergonomic Workstation Assessment
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Fully Managed DSE Service

Let us take the weight off your shoulders with our Fully Managed DSE Service. There’s no need to train your DSE team when our staff can become yours. We will handle all your DSE needs and record-keeping to ensure you’re always 100% compliant with UK DSE laws. You’ll receive advanced support with less liability. You’ll benefit from a dedicated DSE administrator, follow-up DSE assessments, customised reports, and equipment procurement.

Fully Managed DSE Service
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DSE Assessor Training

We can train your employees to become your own in-house DSE assessors. Nominate some of your staff to become your DSE go-to's, and we’ll make sure they can provide basic DSE assessments on completion of our training. Our DSE Assessor Training sessions are focused, hands-on, and designed to be immediately put into practice.

DSE Assessor Training
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Contact Workhappy — the DSE experts

If you’re ready to book your DSE assessments, contact us today. We’re the UK’s no.1 DSE assessment provider and trusted by the likes of Netflix, Visa, and the NHS. We’ll deliver practical and professional assessments at your workplace or online — whether you need one or 1000.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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