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Live 1-1 video sessions with our Workhappy ergonomics experts at a fraction of the cost.

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How it works

Link to book your assessment
1. Email your employee with a booking link

No pinging emails back and forth to find a suitable time for the employee to meet an assessor. Our virtual assessment booking software does all the hard work

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2. Employee chooses an assessment time

The employee selects a day and time that works for them. We’ll send them calendar invite with a video link (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex or Google meets)

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3. Employee begins their live assessment

One of our trained assessors carries out the assessment by video, just like they would in person. They use our Dual Camera technology to ensure a thorough, accurate assessment

Ergonomic assessment report
4. Report and action plan

You receive a report outlining everything that was covered in the assessment, as well as any actions that need to be taken and advice about how to implement these

Why choose Workhappy virtual desk assessments?

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Our virtual video process makes DSE assessments as easy as any remote meeting.

Whether it's a question of safety, comfort, or convenience, we understand that in-person DSE assessments aren’t the right solution for every business. So we developed a cost-effective way to make timely assessments work wherever your employees do. We kept all the human touch, without the humans or the touching. So you get all the thoroughness, quality, and care of our complete in-person assessment without ever having to leave your desk with our online self assessment.

Save time and money so you can get back to business.

Even in an office setting, in-person DSE assessments can be disruptive to the workday and difficult to schedule. That's why we've used the best video-meeting technology to translate and perfect our in-person assessments into an equally effective but infinitely more efficient way to provide best in class service to workers wherever they are. Ensuring that their existing workstation is set up correctly, and providing recommendations to meet display screen equipment compliance. Your employees save time, you save money, we save the day.

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In depth, personalised assessments, training, and reports.

Our experienced DSE assessors use our unique multi-camera setups to give workers personalised training, demonstrate techniques, and suggest workspace improvements to help them feel as comfortable and productive as possible wherever they work. All our virtual DSE risk assessments include a detailed follow-up report that highlights risk areas and clearly outlines anything you need to do to ensure and maintain complete display screen equipment compliance.

Take a look at our 100+ positive Google reviews

Here’s what our clients are saying about us

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Just had a great home working assessment done remotely by Workhappy. They were really helpful in adjusting my desk, chair, screen, and PC peripherals. Working at my desk is so much better now. Thanks!
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This was my first experience of a home working assessment (DSE assessment) and it was extremely positive. Workhappy's assessor was very informative and gave helpful recommendations on how to mitigate any negative impacts of my current desk set-up. I would recommend this service to any orginisation.
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The assessor was really welcoming and informative. I received really helpful and useful advice, which was actively put into practice on the call. My office set up has definitely improved, and I need to get used to life with no armrests! Thank you.
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The DSE assessment was extremely professional but entirely engaging which meant the advice and guidance immediately resonated with me and within several minutes into the assessment I could start to see how my current pain whilst working could be negated
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I recently had my workspace assessed by Workhappy and I had the best experience. The consultant was really lovely and offered helpful advice to improve my work from home experience. Overall great customer service.
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Trusted by 100’s of the UK’s happiest companies
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