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Bring Relaxation and Wellness Into Your Office

Nobody likes Mondays. But we’ve created an innovative approach to kicking off the week without the stress and tension.

With a Workhappy Desk Massage Day, your team can start (or end) the week relaxed and in a positive frame of mind. Massage reduces stress, alleviates back pain and uplifts mood - the perfect cure for those Monday blues.

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Our desk message day raised a few eyebrows at first, but it went down a treat. The team were grateful for being pampered, and certainly seemed more relaxed afterwards. Our staff graft hard, so the massage day was both a reward and a way for them to de-stress.

Rania Willems, Operations Manager
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Here’s how an at-desk massage works

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Step 1

Our team of mobile massage therapists visit your workplace whenever it's convenient

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Step 2

The therapists work their way round the office, giving stress-relieving massages as they go.

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Step 3

They focus on the neck and shoulders, helping to relieve tension, tightness, and soreness.

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Step 4

Your team members don’t need to leave their desks, so they can get back to work without disruption or fuss.

Why choose a Workhappy Desk Massage Day?

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Expert Therapists

We hand-pick the best massage therapists from around the country to be part of the Workhappy team. Your staff will benefit from their deep knowledge and expert application of massage techniques.

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At Your Convenience 

Want to get the week off to a nice relaxed start? Or are you looking to help your staff de-stress going into the weekend? Whenever you’d like our therapists to visit your workplace, we’ll arrange it, with full UK coverage.

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Staff Wellbeing

A nice massage can uplift the physical and mental wellness of your team members. Show them you appreciate them, and make sure they’re focused and happy while they work.

A Desk Massage Day brings health and harmony directly to your workspace.

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