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Workhappy DSE Assessor Training 

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Whoever’s responsible for DSE assessments at your organisation, it makes sense to ensure they have the skills to carry out their duties effectively.

Workhappy’s free DSE Assessor Training equips your staff with the know-how to complete basic DSE assessments and training. Our course is fully up-to-date and in line with current Health and Safety Executive guidance on DSE regulations. That means your assessor will have all the relevant knowledge they need to keep your business 100% compliant.

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Having staff members who are trained DSE assessors is extremely useful. Not only does it save us the effort of having to seek external guidance for everyday health and safety issues, it also save us from constantly worrying we’re not in compliance with latest regulations

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Free Training, Valuable Knowledge

We’ll send one of our highly qualified instructors to your workplace to perform a risk assessment. Or if you’d prefer, you can come to us (we have sites across the UK), or the training can be remote. During training, your selected staff members learn how to assess risk in a practical and logical way.

The DSE training is focused, hands-on, and designed so that lessons learned can be immediately put into practice. Once the course is finished, your staff should be fully equipped to take up their roles as internal DSE assessors, carrying out in-person DSE assessments for your employees.

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Why choose Workhappy DSE Assessor Training?

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Our highly qualified and experienced instructors lead the courses. They’re committed to transforming your team into effective DSE assessors.

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Flexible and Convenient

The course takes a day or a half day. We can do it virtually, at one of your training centres around the UK, or at your workplace - whichever is best for you. We also make sure our training fits with your own internal DSE process.

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Practical and Engaging

We design our training to be engaging and practical. Students get hands-on experience of what DSE risk assessments entail so that they'll be confident carrying them out independently.

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Workhappy DSE Assessor Training allows you to develop health and safety expertise within your organisation. It will save you time and money, and help keep you compliant.
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Over 1 million DSE assessments completed
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