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Why choose Workhappy online DSE self assessments?

The hassle free way to get DSE compliant

In the UK, Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations require that all home and office workers have a DSE workstation assessment to make sure how and where they work doesn't negatively impact their health. These DSE assessments are a legal obligation, can add up quickly, become difficult to do, difficult to track, and nearly impossible to manage. That's where Workhappy come in.

Purpose-built (by us) technology.

From the most simple to the most complicated, and from the cheapest to the most expensive, we tried all the tools in the market and didn't find anything elegant and easy to use that really worked for us. So we built our own platform. One that was purpose built to eliminate all the pain points associated with DSE assessments. And that does it better than anything else on the market.

Easy to use, easy to track, easy to complete.

Our technology focuses specifically on making 100% compliance as quick, easy, and painless as possible while also providing extended support to the at-risk workers who need it. We give you one place to automatically manage everything from invites, reminders, training, self-management solutions for low-risk DSE issues, and up-to-date and accurate record keeping. We also provide a fully managed DSE service making sure you always compliant with UK legislation.

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See what our customers say about online self-assessments

This was my first experience of a home working assessment (DSE assessment) and it was extremely positive. Workhappy's assessor was very informative and gave helpful recommendations on how to mitigate any negative impacts of my current desk set-up. I would recommend this service to any orginisation.
Just had a great home working assessment done remotely by Workhappy. They were really helpful in adjusting my desk, chair, screen, and PC peripherals. Working at my desk is so much better now. Thanks!
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The assessor was really welcoming and informative. I received really helpful and useful advice, which was actively put into practice on the call. My office set up has definitely improved, and I need to get used to life with no armrests! Thank you.
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The DSE assessment was extremely professional but entirely engaging which meant the advice and guidance immediately resonated with me and within several minutes into the assessment I could start to see how my current pain whilst working could be negated
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I recently had my workspace assessed by Workhappy and I had the best experience. The consultant was really lovely and offered helpful advice to improve my work from home experience. Overall great customer service.

How it works

1. Send invites and automatic reminders

Use the dashboard to easily send invites to everyone who needs one. Anybody who doesn’t complete their training and online DSE self-assessment will receive an automatic email reminder, so you can set it and forget it.

2. Training tailored to where you work

Each employee is automatically given bespoke, customised training. They’ll learn how to set up their workstation to minimise DSE risks and avoid work strain based on where and how they work.

3. Intelligent self assessment

Employees then fill out a quick questionnaire. It's intelligently customised to where they work so their DSE assessment is specific to their needs. This saves their time, and doesn’t include any unnecessary filler.

4. Automatically address low-risk issues

The Ergofy technology analyses online DSE self-assessment answers and calculates risk for each employee. Low and medium risk issues with existing workstation set up are dealt with automatically, with contextual solutions sent directly to users to quickly implement, improve, and self-manage.

5. High risk issues escalated

High risk issues are raised to the administrator for follow up in person DSE assessments from one of our certified experts.

6. Problem solved

A custom report is sent to each employee, outlining their risks and suggested improvements for new workstation set ups. The report can be easily forwarded to anyone that needs it.

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Trusted by 100’s of the UK’s happiest companies
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