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Manage Stress and Improve Workplace Wellness

Work can be a stressful place, and too much stress isn’t good for your employees’ health or wellbeing.

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows practicing mindfulness can help anyone working in a high-pressure environment to cope and perform better. Everyone from the NHS to Google has embraced mindfulness, with impressive results.

Now your team can benefit too - by taking part in a Workhappy Mindfulness Workshop.

Our office can be quite a high-stress place at times. Workhappy’s mindfulness sessions are the best method we’ve found to counter that. They’ve made a genuine positive impact on the wellbeing of our team.

Dean Kennedy, Office Manager

Here’s how mindfulness can boost your team members’ wellness and enhance your workplace

  • Find calm in the midst of stressful or emotionally-challenging scenarios

  • Improve teamwork and communication by enhancing self-awareness and the awareness of others

  • Stay focused on a task without becoming distracted or starting to procrastinate

  • Strengthen levels of resilience and emotional intelligence to help overcome challenges and obstacles

  • Increase engagement with work, employee retention and job satisfaction

I’d heard about mindfulness, but never seriously thought about giving it a go. But the session was amazing! I’ve learned so much about how to manage stress and stay calm. It’s made a big difference to my life - at work and at home too.
Viktória Malíková

Why choose a Workhappy Mindfulness Workshop?

Expert Practitioners

We work with experienced, well-respected mindfulness practitioners. They’re experts at helping your staff get the most out of the sessions so they can continue to benefit from the techniques they learn.

Tailored To You

Want a one-off session to get your staff thinking more mindfully? Or a full program so they can fully master being mindful? We can deliver whatever you need, wherever in the UK you’re based.

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A Real Impact

Mindfulness has a proven track record for overcoming stress and boosting mental health. Your team will get a lot out of the sessions they attend. And you’ll reap the benefits of calmer, more focused employees.

A Workhappy Mindfulness Workshop can help your staff de-stress

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