Workhappy Nutrition Workshops-Health and Wellbeing Tips

More Informed Nutrition for Workplace Wellbeing

Looking after the wellbeing of your team is the key to a happier, more productive workplace.

With a Workhappy Nutrition Workshop, your organisation can focus on one of the key factors affecting your employees’ physical and mental wellness - what they eat.

Food is the fuel that powers employees creativity, innovation and motivation. By creating a conversation around food and nutrition, such as the best snacks to boost productivity, you can empower your team to look after themselves better.

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We booked a nutrition workshop for our entire team. It was great - really interesting and highly informative. Getting staff to engage with workshops can sometimes be tough, but by the end of the session, everyone was joining in and asking questions. Highly recommended.

Lisa Vandenberghe, Chief Wellness Officer
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Workhappy offers a range of fun, engaging, and thought provoking nutrition workshops

  • How to eat for better energy

  • The relationship between food and mood

  • How to enrich your sleep through nutrition

  • Food for fitness

  • Diets - myth busting and practical advice… and much more! Check out our advice hub to learn more.

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Why choose a Workhappy Nutrition Workshop?

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Expert Led

We work with experienced, well-respected mindfulness practitioners. They’re experts at helping your staff get the most out of the sessions so they can continue to benefit from the techniques they learn.

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Fully Bespoke

Want a one-off session to get your staff thinking more mindfully? Or a full program so they can fully master being mindful? We can deliver whatever you need, wherever in the UK you’re based.

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Practical and Impactful

Mindfulness has a proven track record for overcoming stress and boosting mental health. Your team will get a lot out of the sessions they attend. And you’ll reap the benefits of calmer, more focused employees.

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Taking part in the workshop was great. Clarissa really knows her stuff and made the whole session fun and interactive. I learned a lot about nutrition in general, and I picked up some great tips for how to improve my mood and energy levels. Definitely worth it!!
Diego Adam

A Workhappy Nutrition Workshop is a worthwhile investment

A Workhappy Nutrition Workshop is a worthwhile investment in the health, happiness, and wellbeing of your team. Fill out our contact us form below to get an instant quotation or request more info.

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