Fully Managed DSE Services, from UK's #1 Experts

Let Workhappy take care of taking care of your employees.

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Why choose Workhappy fully managed DSE services?

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Your own DSE department

Let our expert staff become yours with your own DSE account administrator and assessor. Take care of your employee's comfort and compliance, without adding extra headcount to your team. With our management services, you get advanced support that will manage all your DSE needs. We'll ensure you’re always 100% compliant with legislation. And we'll give you custom management reporting that includes the data that matters most to your business.

Less effort, less liability

The health of your employees and compliance with government regulations are two things you can’t afford to get wrong. Let us take the weight off your shoulders. We eliminate the need to find and train your own internal DSE team. And we remove any margin for error when it comes to in person DSE assessments, pregnant worker risk assessments, ergonomic workstation assessments and legal compliance, to only name a few!

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Save more than just time

Self managing DSE compliance is only cost effective when you can do it as efficiently as the professionals can. And we’d be out of business if it was easy to do. Getting your DSE managed saves on time, staffing costs, and headaches for everyone involved. You have better things to do than reading through legislation and managing software.

Whats included in our full managed DSE service?

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Dedicated DSE admistrator

Think of them as your DSE butler making sure that every part of the process runs smoothly. They also keep all records up to date for compliance purposes.

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Follow-up DSE assessments

We include all the 1:1 follow-up DSE assessments you require. Get extra support for employees who need a help with back pain, RSI and carpal tunnel, or any other musculoskeletal issues

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Customised reports

On a weekly basis we’ll send you custom reports. Keep track of everything, including how many employees have completed their assessment, and who needs extra support.

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Equipment procurement

We don't sell equipment. But we love helping our clients get the most out of what they spend, giving advice on areas of office set up, for instance the pros and cons of office chairs with arm rests.

Want to find out more about our fully managed service?

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