Working from home essentials - 11 great products to boost productivity

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Over the past couple of years, home working has taken the world by storm. While the rise of working from home was originally a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it now looks like it’s here to stay. Countless workers all over the world are enjoying the perks of the home office — from the added flexibility it offers to saving on travel costs. Remote working is also beneficial for many employers, with employees hot desking, meaning reduced office space lowering overheads.

But that doesn’t mean it’s without its challenges — a compromised office space often being one of them. Without a conventional office setup, it’s easy to become distracted and unmotivated. If you’re worried about managing your remote team’s safety or productivity, read on to discover some handy products and gadgets that will promote concentration and a healthy working environment.

Boost productivity with these WFH game-changers

A poor WFH setup can lead to bad posture, aches and pains, and lethargy. If you or your employees are currently finding yourself slouched on the sofa with a laptop, feeling unmotivated, the following items could give your remote working a new lease of life.

  1. Ergonomic mouse

While conventional mice can cause strain on the hand, wrist and forearm during extended use, ergonomic mice are designed to keep them upright in a more natural position, requiring much less grip strength and force. It’s a win for comfort — and productivity.

Why not try some upper limb stretches to keep hand pain at bay, too?

  1. Reusable water bottle

It can be tempting to chug down a coffee when you’re feeling tired, but did you know that dehydration can reduce energy and productivity levels? Staying hydrated is vital for preventing headaches and improving your mood, too — both of which are key to a productive day at the home office. 

Experts advise we drink 8 cups (2 litres) of water each day, so keep a water bottle on your desk to reinforce the habit of drinking it regularly. 

  1. Footrest

An ergonomic footrest will elevate your feet to a more comfortable height when you’re at your desk. It also encourages dynamic movement throughout the day — even when you’re sitting still. By flexing and stretching your calves, ankles and feet, you’ll restore healthy circulation, increase energy levels and improve focus.

  1. Calendar

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps that help you keep your schedule in order — but don’t ditch the desk calendar just yet. The brain-hand connection when writing has been proven to stimulate memory in different ways than typing. Plus, having your plans laid out visually will remind you of important dates and deadlines.

  1. Wall or desk clock

Stay on track of your daily schedule by keeping a clock within sight throughout the day. There’s no such thing as good time management without staying aware of the time. By opting for a wall clock over looking at your phone, you’ll be less tempted to scroll and procrastinate, too.

  1. Adjustable desk 

A poor workstation setup can put you at risk of injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Mouse Shoulder and RSI. An adjustable desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing to encourage movement and reduce strain at work. However, it’s essential to use these desks properly, setting them at a suitable height and still taking regular breaks.

  1. Laptop stand

A recommendation we often make during DSE assessments is use of a laptop stand. By lifting your screen to the right viewing height, they reduce strain on your eyes, neck, shoulders and upper back, resulting in safer and more comfortable working. In turn, this will improve your concentration and productivity.

8. Noise-cancelling headphones

When working from home, you may be faced with more distractions than in an office — whether that’s other people you live with or noise on the road outside. With noise-cancelling headphones, you can block out your surroundings and focus fully on the task at hand.

  1. Heated blanket

Being too cold can be distracting so it’s important to stay at a comfortable temperature. However, heating the whole house can be wasteful and expensive. By investing in an energy-efficient electric blanket, you can keep warm on chillier days and focus more efficiently.

  1. Desk lamp

Pointing out the benefits to a well-lit workspace may seem obvious, but proper office lighting is neglected much more than you might think. It’s especially important in rooms that rely on natural daylight. As lighting dims, our bodies produce the sleep hormone melatonin. As a result, on darker days, you may start unconsciously winding down throughout the afternoon. Stay alert by having a desk lamp set up beside you.

  1. Plants

Not to be underestimated as just for looks, house plants have been scientifically proven to improve concentration and reduce stress in the workplace. They’re also shown to boost productivity creativity by helping your brain to function differently. So don’t hesitate to bring the outside in. Just choose some that aren’t overly high maintenance, so you’re not adding to any distractions!

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