Online workstation assessment follow-up email template

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As a part of our suite of DSE services we arrange follow-up assessments for our clients once their employees have completed their online office or homeworking DSE assessments.

These follow-up workstation assessments are provided to those employees who have identified risks in their online assessment that they are unable to manage on their own, as such they require a follow-up with a trained assessor.

Below is an example of the email we use to engage with these higher risk employees once they have completed their online workstation assessment.

Email template:

Subject: Action required: Follow-up video on online home/office workstation assessment
Dear *Colleague,
You recently completed an online homeworking/office DSE training and assessment, some risks were identified that you could not resolve yourself.  As a part of *Your orginisation name's commitment to your health and wellbeing when working from the office/home, we have been asked to arrange a follow-up assessment with a trained assessor.  
A trained assessor will video call/visit you to give training as well as assist you in managing the risks you identified. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible when working. To schedule a follow-up assessment please click the link below and select a suitable day and time. *this is a demo link to demonstrate
If you feel a follow-up assessment video call is not necessary and you are able to manage your issues yourself please let me know by return email and we will close off your case.