DSE assessments in Brighton

Are you looking for DSE assessments for your employees in Brighton? Contact the team at Workhappy. 

Whether you require one DSE assessment or 1000, we can improve the health and safety of your workplace. We’re proud to be the number-one DSE assessment provider in the UK and nationally recognised by top companies and organisations, like Ofcom, Visa, Netflix, Farfetch, and the NHS.

Our DSE professionals in Brighton and across the UK are all fully qualified by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors — ensuring we only deliver a top-tier service. With Workhappy, it has never been easier to fulfil your DSE obligations.

In-person DSE assessments in Brighton and Hove

Are you hoping to arrange some DSE assessments in your own workplace? Our experts can come to you. We can provide 1:1 in-person DSE assessments at your Brighton or Hove based office. 

Wherever you’re based — on Brighton’s sunny beachfront, in the middle of the city centre, or towards vibrant Hove — our DSE assessors are happy to visit your team for a face-to-face consultation. Get in touch with us to arrange your in-person DSE assessments.

Why do my staff need DSE assessments?

Every job comes with a few health risks — even office workers. For those of us that use screens for multiple hours each day, this can include things like backache, eye strain, and RSI.

DSE assessments can help identify the health risks for desk-based, screen-using workers and suggest ways to improve the comfort of individual set-ups. What’s more, under UK health and safety laws, all screen-based workers must have DSE assessments. 

As an employer, you have an obligation to ensure your employees receive a workstation assessment and are working safely and comfortably.

At Workhappy, it’s our mission to get your business compliant with UK DSE laws and better supporting your employees. Our DSE experts will provide an honest, actionable review of your workplace to make a meaningful difference to the health and comfort of your workers.

Choosing the right ergonomic assessment

During a DSE assessment from Workhappy, our professionals will look at the user, their job role, and their overall workstation environment. As a result, they deliver actionable advice to help you achieve best practices and help your teams work more happily.

Online DSE self-assessments

 Popular with teams of all sizes, our online DSE self-assessments offer a quick and easy way for your company to become 100% DSE compliant. These DSE assessments use our purpose-built technology to allow your employees to complete a comprehensive, remote assessment at a convenient time for them.

Pregnant woman icon
Pregnant work DSE risk assessments

Do you have a pregnant employee on your team? Our pregnant worker risk assessments will ensure expectant and new mothers have everything they need to work safely and comfortably. Fulfil your legal obligation and protect the health of your employees.

Virtual DSE assessments

These are live 1:1 video sessions with our ergonomics experts. A virtual DSE assessment is the ideal option for those looking for a cost-effective and quick way to carry out their DSE obligations.

Home worker DSE assessments

Homeworking carries its own DSE risks. Ensure your remote workers, homeworkers, and hybrid employees have the best set-up for their health and comfort. We’ll help you find the best format of home worker DSE assessment for your staff members. 

Ergonomic workstation assessments

If your employees have health issues, a basic DSE assessment might not be enough to support them. Our advanced ergonomic assessments take a bespoke approach to their needs and working conditions.

Concerned you might need an internal DSE team to carry out all of these workstation assessments? Don’t worry, we’ll take the task on for you with our fully managed DSE service for your business.

Free DSE assessor training

Alternatively, we also offer free DSE assessor training for your staff. If you’re looking to train some of your employees to be able to conduct basic DSE assessments in-house, we can teach them everything they need to know.
Our DSE training course is fully up-to-date and in line with Health and Safety Executive guidance on DSE regulations. It’s a great way to ensure your company stays 100% compliant with UK health laws.
We’ll send one of our highly trained DSE experts to your Brighton based office (you can also come to us or opt for our remote option). They’ll provide engaging, hands-on training to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to become your internal DSE assessors.

Workhappy: your DSE experts in Brighton 

Ready to arrange your workstation assessments in Brighton? Get in touch with us today to organise a session. If you have any questions about our services, give us a call. A member of our friendly team will be happy to address your queries.