DSE assessments in Liverpool

Looking for DSE assessments for your Liverpool business? Get in touch with us at Workhappy today. As the no.1 DSE assessment provider in the UK, we offer a range of professional workstation assessments to suit all needs.

Our DSE experts in Liverpool are fully qualified by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. We’re proud to be trusted by hundreds of the UK’s top companies and organisations — including Visa, Netflix, and the NHS.

With years of experience and professional training, our workstation assessors have all the tools and insights to get your business compliant with UK health and safety laws. Our DSE assessments are comprehensive, efficient, and fully recorded — making it easier than ever to fulfil your DSE obligations.

Whether you require one in-person DSE assessment or 1000 remote ones, we can help. Why not learn more about us and see how we can make your company a safer and happier place to work?

In-person DSE assessments in Liverpool

We provide 1:1 in-person DSE assessments at businesses across the UK, including Liverpool and the Merseyside area. Wherever you’re based in Liverpool, in the city centre or the surrounding area, our professionals can travel to you.

Why do I need DSE assessments?

Working for hours a day at a desk, using laptops, and looking at computer monitors presents health risks. To comply with UK health and safety laws, all screen-based workers must have DSE assessments to ensure they are safe and comfortable at work.

As an employer, it is your duty to ensure your employees receive a workstation assessment so that recommendations can be made to improve their work set-up and concerns can be flagged.

At Workhappy, we provide a DSE service that’s much more than just ticking a box on a compliance form. We provide an honest, comprehensive, and genuinely useful DSE service that makes a difference to the health and wellbeing of office workers.

We’ll work with your employees to address their specific needs and provide you with actionable recommendations.

Our workstation assessments

Wondering which type of DSE assessment best suits your needs? We have a variety of workstation risk assessments available and can even help out with desk massage days, nutrition workshops, and other wellbeing services.

Online DSE self-assessments

Our online workstation assessments offer the easiest way for your business to become DSE-compliant. Using our hassle-free, purpose-built technology, these self-assessments are speedy and straightforward.

Virtual DSE assessments

Are you looking for a time-saving, fully remote option? Our virtual DSE assessments include live 1:1 video sessions with our ergonomics experts, ideal for remote and hybrid DSE workers in Liverpool or further afield.

Home worker DSE assessments

Keep your employees safe when working at home. Whether they are fully remote, hybrid, or occasionally work away from the office, these home worker DSE assessments are designed to improve WFH desk setups.

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Pregnant work DSE risk assessments

It’s essential to provide pregnant employees with a safe workstation. A pregnant work DSE risk assessment will help you support new and expecting mothers in your workplace. You’ll fulfil your legal obligation and ensure your team members are comfortable during and after their pregnancy.

Ergonomic workstation assessment

When a basic DSE assessment isn’t enough, we can provide advanced ergonomic workstation assessments. This is a great way to support employees with existing health issues, including ongoing backache and Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD).

Looking to outsource your DSE assessments? Our fully managed DSE service means you don’t need an internal DSE team. Our DSE experts can ensure you’re 100% compliant with legislation, with less effort and liability for your business.

DSE assessor training

Did you know that we also offer free DSE assessor training? Our comprehensive training programmes will provide your employees with the skills to perform basic DSE assessments at your workplace.
One of our DSE experts can visit your team at your Liverpool workplace (you can also come to us or opt for our remote option). They’ll provide hands-on training sessions to give your staff the skills they need to assess your workstations and support your employees with DSE safety.

Workhappy: leading DSE experts in Liverpool

If you’re ready to book your DSE assessment in Liverpool, get in touch with Workhappy today. Whether you’re looking for virtual assessments, online self-assessments, or in-person DSE assessments, we can support businesses across Liverpool and Merseyside. Any questions? Feel free to give our friendly team a call today.