DSE assessments in Newcastle

Workhappy helps you take care of your employees with DSE assessments in Newcastle. No matter what size team you have, we can ensure you adopt ergonomic best practices, so your staff can work safely, comfortably, and happily.

Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time can cause an array of short and long-term health issues. So completing DSE assessments is more than just a box-ticking exercise. Poorly set up workstations can lead to fatigue, eyestrain and musculoskeletal injuries that compromise the safety and performance of your teams.

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Whether you need one DSE assessment or 1000, we’ll help you find the perfect format for your needs. Learn more about us and how we’re helping businesses across the UK work happier. All of our DSE experts are fully qualified by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, and we’ve even been acknowledged by top companies and organisations, including Netflix, Visa, and the NHS.

Who needs workstation assessments?

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As an employer, you're legally responsible for carrying out workstation risk assessments for any worker who uses DSE for at least one hour a day. In addition, under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, you have a duty to protect your employees from DSE health risks, including carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and backache.

You should undertake ergonomic assessments:

  • For new starters

  • Whenever an employee moves to a new workstation

  • When a workstation is altered in any way

  • When an employee's physical circumstances change through illness, injury or pregnancy

  • If a team member reports any discomfort

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Find the right DSE assessments for your Newcastle teams

At Workhappy, we can do anything from quickly getting you HSE-compliant to acting as your own DSE department. 

Our workstation risk assessments look at the entire DSE setup, including screen, keyboard and mouse placement, chair height, lighting and posture. We'll focus on training and information, risk assessment and risk management — because we're interested in health and happiness, not giving you a sales pitch.

Learn more about the types of DSE assessments we have available.

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Online DSE self-assessments

Easy to use, track and complete with our purpose-built technology for quick HSE compliance, our online self-assessments are a cost-effective choice for teams of all sizes. Whether your employees work in the office, remotely, or in a hybrid manner, they can complete the assessment at a time that’s convenient for them.

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In-person DSE assessments

Alternatively, our 1:1 DSE assessments are ideal for Newcastle businesses looking for a thorough in-person option. We’ll come to you and work with each team member individually.

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Pregnant work DSE risk assessments

Support and care for pregnant employees with a tailor-made DSE assessment. Pregnancy often leads to changes in ergonomic needs. As a result, our pregnant worker DSE risk assessments have been specially designed with expecting and new mothers in mind.

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Virtual DSE assessments

Do you want a remote option that puts ergonomic experts at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost? Our virtual (video) DSE assessments use dual-camera technology to evaluate remote team members’ workstations.

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Home worker DSE assessments

Carry out your duty of care to remote and WFH-ers without the hassle. With our home worker DSE assessment options, we can help find the format that best suits your employees.

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Ergonomic assessments

Do any of your employees have ongoing backache, underlying health conditions, or work-related upper limb disorder (WRULD)? Our advanced ergonomic assessments by DSE experts in Newcastle are ideal for employees with ongoing issues, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing.

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Are you looking for fully managed DSE services? If you want to make sure your business is fully compliant but are unsure about expanding your team to cover DSE assessments, we’ll take the task on for you. Save time and money with dedicated DSE advisors, customised reports and procurement advice.

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DSE assessor training

If you’d prefer, we also offer free DSE assessor training for your employees. If you’d like to train some of your team members so they can carry out basic DSE assessments in-house, our experts in Newcastle can help. 
Our assessor training course is in line with current Health and Safety Executive guidance on DSE regulations so you can ensure your company remains 100% compliant with UK health laws.

We can send one of our Workhappy DSE experts to your Newcastle office or you can come to us. Alternatively, we can set up a remote training session — just give us a call to discuss what would work best for you. Either way, we’ll make sure your staff get engaging, hands-on training that will provide them with the knowledge they need to become your internal DSE assessors.
And once you've improved the comfort and safety of your teams, try our wellbeing services to minimise stress, promote positivity and look after your employees' mental and physical health.

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DSE assessor training

At Workhappy, we aim to make the workplace experience safe and comfortable. But because no two companies are alike, our technology-driven solutions are tailored to your needs. We’re here to ensure every employee gets a thorough and professional DSE assessment wherever they work.
With unbiased, professional advice and an employee-centred approach, we're the number 1 choice for DSE assessments in Newcastle.
To find out more, please feel free to contact the Workhappy team today.