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Last updated: 16/05/2024


Welcome to the quality assurance page for Workhappy. Since 2016, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments and related health and safety and wellbeing services. Our primary focus is on ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of our clients’ employees through rigorous quality management processes and continuous improvement.

Organisation Overview

Brief History and Overview:We have been operating since 2016, specialising in Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments by video, in-person, and using our proprietary software, Ergofy. While DSE assessments constitutemost of our operations, we also offer a range of health and safety and wellbeing services.

Primary Services and Target Markets:

Primary Services:

DSE Assessments (Video, In-person, Software-based via Ergofy)

Health and Safety Services

Wellbeing Services

Target Markets:

Organisations needing comprehensive DSE assessments.

Companies seeking to enhance workplace health and safety.

Businesses focused on improving employee wellbeing.

Company Registration:

Company Name: Ergofy Limited t/a Workhappy

Company Registration Number: 10307064

VAT Registration Number: GB319270702 (Registered since 1 April 2019)

Ethical Employment Practices:

We are proud to be a registered Living Wage employer, demonstrating our commitment to fair and ethical employment practices.

Quality Management System (QMS) Overview

We have a formal Quality Management System (QMS) aligned with ISO 9001 standards, which we plan to achieve certification for by 2025. Our QMS ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality services and continually improve our processes.

Quality Policy and Objectives

Our quality policy outlines our commitment to delivering exceptional service quality and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. We have established clear quality objectives that are measurable and aligned with our strategic goals, such as maintaining a high client satisfaction rate and reducing the number of nonconformities.

Key Quality Management Processes

Customer Feedback:

We actively collect feedback from clients after every assessment through online surveys and follow-up emails. This feedback is reviewed monthly to identify areas for improvement and to recognise positive performance.

Internal Audits and Reviews:

We conduct internal audits quarterly to evaluate the effectiveness of our QMS and ensure compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Findings from these audits are discussed in monthly quality meetings, and necessary corrective actions are taken.

Document Control:

Our centralised document management system controls and updates all QMS documents, ensuring that the most current versions are available to staff. Document control procedures include version tracking and regular reviews.

Training and Competence:

We provide regular training sessions and refreshers to ensure that our employees are competent and up-to-date with the latest standards and practices. Competency assessments are conducted annually to identify any training needs.

Risk and Opportunity Management:

We proactively identify and assess risks and opportunities related to our services. Actions are taken to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities, ensuring continuous improvement and resilience.

Nonconformance and Corrective Actions:

Nonconformities are logged and tracked in a dedicated database. Root cause analysis is performed for each nonconformity, and corrective actions are implemented to prevent recurrence.

Management Review:

An annual management review meeting is held to evaluate the overall performance of the QMS, review audit results, assess feedback, and set new quality objectives for the coming year.

Continuous Improvement:

We foster a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging employees to suggest process enhancements and by regularly reviewing and updating our procedures.

Certifications and Future Plans

Current Certifications:

Cyber Essentials: Link to the certificate

ISO 27001: Expected by September 2024

Future Certifications:

ISO 9001: Expected by 2025

ISO 14001: Expected by 2025

ISO 45001: Expected by 2025

We have aligned our policies to meet the requirements of these certifications and are dedicating the necessary time to ensure we are audit-ready.

Performance Evaluation and Continual Improvement

Monitoring and Measurement:We regularly evaluate our performance through customer feedback, internal audits, and management reviews. These evaluations help us identify areas for improvement and ensure our QMS remains effective and aligned with our strategic goals.

Improvement Initiatives:Our continuous improvement initiatives include regular training updates, process enhancements, and proactive risk management. We are committed to delivering the highest quality services and continually seeking ways to enhance our operations.